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he got in Humen South Gate slot machine

'Freeze', then began searching for money, and saw the ring also rob our hands." Police: Field fired three shots, only to find a bullet yesterday afternoon, the police source told reporters that this is a typical "Stealing from Thieves"; Police at the scene learned that criminals fired three shots at the scene,moncler outlet, but at the scene only to find a bullet and a shell,nfl jerseys, While this is a fake warhead Tiananmen-style pistol . The case is still under further investigation. Related reports Shijie off "Tiger" more than 500 units on January 28, Shijie Public Security Bureau once again organized a special action to combat gambling game. After checking rented more than 200 buildings,doudoune moncler, shop 541, the seizure of gambling games and game tokens 75 Taiwan batch (see the newspaper on January 29 A Ⅱ 2 Edition "slot machine rental hiding turn new positions"). January 29 afternoon, the town held a public destruction of gambling game on the spot, including the seizure of more than 500, including gambling machines were concentrated destruction, excavators over 500 gambling machines grind to pieces (pictured above). Committee Secretary Liu Shijie beginning group, said the town to mobilize the masses,doudoune moncler pas cher, rental owners, grocery boss positive report on the provision of effective cues for reward. Meanwhile,barbour sale, the discovery of a gambling game shops and rental, all revoking licenses,hollister sale, and legal liability. Any rebellion after exposure to the media, once verified,fixed place of work,doudoune moncler,'s cell phone and wallet. Fiv, the law and order within their jurisdictions responsible person shall be removed from office. Those who harbored, harboring,woolrich outlet, protection, participation of any individual slot machine gambling, shall be investigated for related administrative and legal liability. Where the dismissal dismissed by the town sector units are not allowed to re-hired. Correspondent photo behalf Chikwe play slot machines a year to lose hard-earned new smile Tan × Dad sent money to the Chinese New Year this year, yesterday 12:00, when Tan × from the Second District, Humen, Dongguan South Gate pedestrian street new hair new hair property on the first floor sell cigarettes shop right away,it should be for 5 years., it is frustrating. It is more than an hour, pocket money and lost his shirt ...... he can not remember, from August 2008,cooperation Road, he got in Humen South Gate slot machine, the group has had a number of such moments. So far,"You hejiang what  I want you, he has lost more than 15,000 yuan, which is more than a year he accumulated his own hard-earned money. And if he does so,woolrich, the slot machine suction cleaners migrant workers, the south gate of the factory in Humen, he should at least know 10. Yesterday morning, the reporter received a report later to the Humen South Gate II new hair pedestrian street,hollister online shop, worked in the pedestrian street of the street in front basketball courts groceries, walking street HuaPeng communication mobile phone shops and pedestrian streets sources and sinks of department stores each saw a slot machines. Two of which are public display in the store, and another one is placed outside the shop from time to time someone went to patronize. A young man less than five minutes,mulberry sale, they were losing $ 20,Song Wei to recruit part-time, with a sigh and left. According to Tan × introduced in August last year, he came into contact with slot machines. A few months later, playing slot machines have become addicted. As long as the site right after work, whether it is day or night, will go looking for their own point of slot machines. And then began to overweight, until the money himself lost his shirt so far. Less than six months,Too low wages of migrant workers gathered to rob convenience store _ News _, Tan × almost every month not to wages,the case is under further investigation., because of his money playing slot machines already lost his shirt. More often, he had to borrow Xianxiang foreman, waiting time wages deductible. (Stringing people: Mr. Wang prize: $ 100), "the foreman just lend me $ 500,mulberry outlet, I want to point back to his father to send more, I know to go with the slot machine luck, I did not expect, nor a penny now! send money to the home of the old father and the New Year is only a bubble, and I'm really guilty! ...... - party Tan × "text / reporter

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